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Paper Making Cleaning Agent

While performing certain operations in an industry, the major problem that come into existence is the generation of foam. This leads to the problems of coating over a surface that helps in decreasing the lubricity offered by the fluid. Taking this aspect into consideration, we offer Defoaming Agent that is also known as Anti-foaming agent. It is considered as a chemical additive that helps in hindering the form formation during the processing of liquids in the industries. The mentioned additive is helpful for preventing the foam from forming or can also result in breaking down the molecules present in the foam that has been already formed. In order to ensure that the systems employed in the industries such as chemical, soap making and many more are maintained well and properly operate, it is necessary for selecting the best additive. This being the reason, Defoaming Agents.

Application Areas:
  • Agrochemical
  • Cooling water system
  • Distillation process
  • Effluent treatment
  • Food processing
  • Fermentation processing
  • Sugar manufacturing
  • Waste water treatment
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Polyester Fabric Detergent Chemicals

Price: 4 USD ($)

The most essential aspect of leading a healthy lifestyle is keeping the essentials clean. Our clothes are the first thing that help us in setting a good impression in the eyes of people. Society accepts people with clean and tidy clothes. This being the reason, we offer Detergent Chemicals that when used during the making of detergents help in deep cleaning of clothing by removing toxic contaminants, germs, stains and dirt from it.

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Dryer Fabric Cleaning Agent

Price: 4-4.6 USD ($)

HC-5689 is a highly efficient detergent combined by various chelating agents, wetting agents, and surfactants, It is used for cleaning of dry nets and woollen blankets. HC-5689 has extrordinary dispersive effect for scaling formation and deposits caused by mineral substances, titanium, slime, dyestuff, alumina, resin, and other organic and inorganic contaminants. The specific surfactants and wetting agents contained in HC-5689 product can effectively penetrate, disperse, decompose and eliminate the contaminants adhered to the dry nets and woollen blankets.

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Press Felt Cleaning Agent

Price: 6 USD ($)

In the paper industry, the usage of Felt system has a powerful impact on the press section. This being the reason, it is necessary to keep the aforementioned system clean in every manner. For this, we offer Press Felt Cleaning Agent for the proper cleaning of the press felt system.


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