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Product Image (HC-5593)

Defoamer for water treatment

Price: 4 USD ($)

HC-5593 is a polysiloxane ultra-concentrated water-based emulsion water treatment defoamer, with a highly excellent effect of defoaming and anti-defoaming. HC-5593 has the characteristics of high temperature and alkali resistance. HC-5593 with lasting anti-defoaming and fast defoaming effect in different wastewater conditions. HC-5593 is non-toxic, with advantages of a little dosage, a long time to Inhibit foam and high-speed defoaming.

Product Image (HC-5698)

Defoamer for Pulping

Price: 5.3 USD ($)

Pulp Defoamer is a concentrated emulsion defoamer of polyether modified polysiloxane,with excellent effect of defoaming,anti-foaming and degassing . Can be used as a foam control agent in the Packaging paper and cultural paper production technology. HC-5698 with superb properties of high temperature resistance, used in high acid, alkali and other specific conditions, no demulsification and residual phenomenon. HC-5698 suitable for professional pulping production technology, keep extremely strong defoaming, anti-foaming effect even in the pulping black liquor of high temperature above 100 degree Celsius.helps in proper coating of the surfaces. Our offered Defoamer is highly insoluble within the foaming water medium.

Product Image (HC-5699)

Polyether Foam Inhibitor

Price: 42 USD ($)

As a type of totally concentrated polyether defoamers, and a super-concentraited liquid mixture containing a variety of surfactants, HC-5699 can be applied to defoaming and antifoaming required in different processes like pulping system, paper machine system, water processing system etc. with excellent capability of anti-foaming and rapid defoaming.

Product Image (HC-5693)

Fatty Alcohol Defoamer

Price: 26 USD ($)

HC-5693 is a type of lipid and fatty alcohol defoamer whose liquid is super-concentrated water-based emulsion with excellent effect of defoaming,anti-foaming and degassing. It can be used in foam controlling in the food wrapper making technology. Without oil and not belonging to defoamers with amides or organosilicon. With super strong degassing ability


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