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About Human Development Process:

Wuhan human union Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in an eventful year of paper chemicals, but we keep going forward with the faith of  "The first research and development institution of paper chemicals in China" , and committed to  be a  an enterprise and  a talent of integrity and lofty ideals!

The Timeline of HUMAN History Development:

  • 2017- Human Listing Preparation and Overseas Market Expansion Year: Keeping excellent cooperation with  domestic famous paper making enterprises , e.g: Guangzhou paper group ltd , Shandong Tiandi Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang jingxing paper company ltd., meanwhile ,we have  cooperated with to  do the  overseas promotion on google, and  open the overseas maket
  • 2016- Steady Growth Years: we kept a sustained growth we have applied for high-tech enterprise certification, and aim to go public in the second half of 2017
  • 2015- Explosive Growth Year: Our business and teams expanded rapidlly  , and have established "a good faith,, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation" with many clients
  • 2014- Rapid Development Year : We have established high quality  Partners in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Fujian, Hunan, and other places  rapidly.
  • 2013- Established Year:Located in economic-Technological Development Area, East-West Lake ,Wuhan ,China and has established a long - term strategic partners with Wuhan Engineering Science &Technology Research Institute, China.

HUMAN Self-R & D Certification:

About Company Policy:

Human promise to the customer: HUMAN's products can satisfy customer requirements.

Our customer representative and technical service personnel can provide perfect adding scheme and high quality technical service.

We will provide the technical services as below:

  • Technical services
  • Period of probation

Before probation, we will provide the appropriate adding product according to the scheme. During the probation, we will control the scheme's adding dosage and cost depend to the customer's production. We will follow the tracks of the whole process of product trial results.

  • Regular services

HUMAN's customer representative will provide the technical service periodically, we will provide the appropriate automatic adding equipment. We will be in charge of the equipment's installing and debugging. Depend on the customer's requests, we can provide the service personnel working on the factory.

Automatic adding equipment

  • Scope of the technical service
  • Necessary detection and analysis of the paper's problems.
  • Maintain adding equipment in good condition.
  • Monitor the product's dosage and inventory.
  • Monitor the product's dosage andinventory.
  • Send in the service document regularly

Our needing support

  • We need the essential electric source for the adding equipment.
  • We need the space for the added equipment in order to control it conveniently.

Quality Assurance

About our production:

All raw materials are imported controlled

We have signed a long term supply agreement with Australian and US suppliers to determine the quality of raw materials.


For the improvement of product's R&D capability, we have signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Engineering Science and Technology Institute

Strict Quality Control of The Products

Random samples are selected and inspected to ascertain the quality and reliability of finished products.

Constantly Improvement and innovation

We are continually researching and developing new products in cooperation with Wuhan Engineering Science and technology Institute. We are committed to becoming the first R&D Company for paper chemicals in order to serve our clients efficiently.

Human Product Quality Inspection

  • We manufacture our products in strict adherence to ISO 9001 standards.
  • All the products are strictly designed and executed as per the European Union inspection standard order.
  • Every product comprises its detailed MSDS.
  • Any of the products not belong to the dangerous goods which listed in the (IMDG CODE),So it wouldn't be declared as dangerous goods at loading port and destination port.

Business Sustainability

We ensure our business strategy is integrated to not only financial gains but also environment and social aspects. Our deep concern for environment has made us to implement rigorous regulations in our factory. We also abide by the national environmental rules and regulations and follow it for the safety of our employees and environment as a whole. 

Our transformation has been able to establish sustainability from a concept about processing our chemicals and maintain strict environment protection regulations at the same time. It means we have aligned our business with key environment trends rising concern in the world that we can work on. For example, we maintain clean process to minimize water degradation. Also, we work on sustainable energy sources and transportation infrastructure to minimize the fossil fuel consumption.

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