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Bactericide & Biocide Chemicals

Microorganism is a variety of different types of organisms, it is monomer or cluster cells, it can carry out its own growth alone, generating energy and self-propagation. Now,the four common micros of the paper machines:bacterium, fungi, algae, protozoa. Riching with a large number of nutrients in the paper machine system,which is suitable for microbial growth, plus appropriate temperature and adequate water, microorganisms can breed rapidly in such a system.Alkaline paper-making system environment is conducive to bacterial growth. Acid paper-making environment is conducive to mold growth. The sticky excrement from the growing microorganisms is very easy to adhere on the inner wall of the slurry flowing pipeline and the equipment surface, and then producing bacterial mud and filling material, slurry admixture is also easy to corrupt and generate slime pulp.These slime pulp sediments cause many negative effects on the production of paper-making machine and the quality of products. The harm of Microorganism in Paper Machine System: Cause the increase of paper breaking, the output lost and the decrease of running efficiency. Generate pulp scar, hole and so on are produced, which reduces the quality of the finished paper . Pulp and additives produce discoloration and deterioration, which affect the normal operation of paper machine and the effect of additives . Equipment corroded and damaged. The paper machine system produces peculiar smell.
Product Image (HC-5659)


Price: 6 USD ($)

HC-5659 is an organic bromine-based non-oxidizing biocide with good bactericidal effect within wide pH range. As a rapid biocide, HC-5659 has a very good long-lasting effect, under neutral and alkaline conditions, it is decomposed into ingredients with very low toxicity.

Product Image (HC-5655)

Organic Bromine Fungicide

Price: 6.6 USD ($)
  • EINECS No:HC-5655
  • Place of Origin:China
  • Grade:Industrial Grade
  • Source:Australia and China
  • Classification:Fungicide, Fungicide
  • Ph Level:5.0±1.0
  • CAS No:HC-5655
  • Product Name:Organic-bromine Biocide
  • Delivery Time:7-10 Days
  • Supply Ability:1000000 Per Month
Product Image (HC-5653)

Organic Bromine Bactericide

Price: 5.6-6 USD ($)

HC-5653 is an organic bromine-based non-oxidizing biocide with good bactericidal effect within wide pH range. As a rapid biocide, HC-5653 is decomposed into components with very low toxicity under netral and alkaline conditions. It has special effects for sulfate reducting bacteria and other anaerobic bacteria


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